It is no secret that the textile and fashion industries, particularly fast fashion, are some of the largest contributors to the global climate crisis. The excessive waste, overconsumption of water and vast emissions of fossil fuels generated by these industries cause devastating effects to our environment. The effects of the climate crisis are increasingly apparent and impossible to ignore here in Australia, with devastating bushfires and extreme flooding occurring more and more frequently.

At Rag King, we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment. Our stock is imported in shipping containers and distributed to our buyers from our Melbourne warehouse. This means clients do not need to import their orders from overseas wholesalers via air freight, which can help to reduce CO2 emissions and businesses’ carbon footprint. In addition, the stock we supply is of high quality and from a time when clothing was made to last, instead of the cheap, poorly made items that are common today. We also supply Grade B and Grade C stock which can contain flaws, imperfections and damage.This stock lends itself well to being repaired or reworked, helping to reduce the amount of clothing ending up in landfill. 

Buying vintage clothing allows businesses to access quality stock without contributing to or supporting the fast fashion industry’s complicity in global warming. Businesses can also promote eco-ethical fashion choices to the mass market by stocking vintage clothing items in their stores. This can help shift consumer culture away from overconsumption and towards sustainable choices of reducing, reusing and recycling.